We (hus)are

Indeed, this is a strong orange. But our signature color was not chosen randomly. It stands for the energy of our team. For 70 colleagues that push their limits every day.

We do that, in order to achieve optimal results when collaboratively working on ideas and concepts with customers and partners. To offer results that are more than standard. From developing a communication strategy to posting on social media. From billboards up to a complete brand strategy. 

husare exists for more than 40 years. This isn’t an accident neither. The reasons for that are the long lasting customer relations and the skill to combine brand and demand. Classical advertisement made the beginning.

Today husare stands for brand communication and sales communication; for internal communication; employer branding; PR; content marketing and E-commerce. At the bare minimum. In all formats and on all channels.

The husare family is continuously growing. With onacy and h/BEAT we are able to fall back on a digital agency and a team for collaborative projects. The teams in our 4 locations permanently complete each other and constantly work together in new combinations.

Stagnation? Not with us!
At husare we expand our knowledge daily and that is a lot of fun for us. Further, training is standard. Internal as well as external, namely with the husare academy. Whether it is performance marketing or corporate culture: There are so many exciting topics and approaches that want to be discovered.

That is how we come back to our drive. And our energy. Energy stems from the word Enérgeia, which means efficacy. And this is what we want: to effectuate something. As a team and in close collaboration with our customers. Conquering. Let’s go!