Storytelling for Sissi + Franz

Dine like a king


Just another burger-restaurant? No way! The franchise Sissi + Franz is supposed to hit the ground running and establish itself in the German food service industry. But which criteria really count for guests picking a restaurant? “Only” serving good food is not enough anymore.

Especially franchises need unique stories. To give their customers an amazing experience and retain them for the long run – that is the goal set by “extrablatt”, parent company CE Franchise/Gastro Kontor.


The emotional storytelling of Sissi + Franz allows the customer to travel back in time. A short trip to the Habsburg empire. With a lot of careful consideration and an eye for details husare managed to create a distinctive brand image.

Starting from the menu: The names of the burgers, salads and drinks playfully refer to historical events and eras. Right down to the Alpine panorama of the interior design. Dining like a king, because: “Life tastes good”.

So far so good – but how do we stay on everyone’s mind? It’s clear. The holistic construct of the analog world of restaurants needs to be consequently extended on all digital channels. With high-quality pictures of food and drinks and news stories for Instagram and Facebook. husare counts on influencers and generating interaction with the target group – thus profiting from their range of coverage.


With first-class content and strong storytelling Sissi + Franz managed to generate more than half a million impressions and build a loyal and interactive community. And: The customers love it. Sissi + Franz is a burger restaurant which constantly opens new stores in various locations. The royal brand image works.


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