Employer Branding?

Employer Believing!

The days of brands are fortunately over. Employer branding is something that only partially describes the relationship between employees and the company at husare. We believe in confidence.

We are convinced that employees who feel the support of their company identify with it. This makes work more friendly, open and innovative. Employees dare more and are more likely to encounter new ideas, thus enabling them to fulfil their own aspirations for self-realisation.

If husare had to give itself a label, then perhaps rather: Employer Believing.

7 truths of a successful work balance

Work-life balance is an old hat.
The term originates from the time when there was still a clear separation between work and personal life. Does it still fit? And do we even want it?

Our workplace has many faces by now. We work from home or interrupt our agency work for a quick workout. Digital tools help us achieve spatial independence and better communication than ever before.

Isn't it self-evident that everyone should be able to balance work and personal life without too many guidelines? We help with this. That's for sure. husare encourages initiative and action based on responsibility and partnership. So, it is not a question of separation, but of a balanced approach to work. We call this work balance. Allowing life to be as individual as it is.

Home office is nothing new for us - and working hours based on trust are standard. And together we find the right balance.

Workplace for self-design

Brave New Work

Ask husare

"Is an agency job really something for the future?"

husare answers: "Absolutely! Although agencies have to change a lot in order to remain relevant for their clients in the future. But that also makes the current times very exciting. There has never been so much to discover and to immediately put into practice"

"I'd like to apply, but I don't think I can do it."

husare answers: "Do not be shy! Get in touch with us! A first conversation always helps. It provides feedback and an honest assessment. We don't bite and are happy about every new spontaneous application".

"How are the deadlines and the working hours?"

husare answers: "Evenings at your desk with a pizza box next to your keyboard? No, that is not the normal agency life with us. There are core working hours and we all make sure that they are followed. There can be exceptions. But they are really rare. And we compensate. husaren word of honour."
Questions of your own? Be brave...