#gemeinsamwirken – – Die Schimmelfrei-Challenge


Who truly likes to talk about mould? The topic of mould was to be de-tabooed - and the awareness of MELLERUDs anti-mould products was to be measurably increased. How do we prove that product content that needs explaining has its relevance for social media? And how do we succeed in positively addressing the topic of mould? 8 million impressions were set as the KPI.


They are already united in the brand values of groundedness, performance and ambition. Two worlds that MELLERUD connects on social media: The emotional world of sports with the sober, practical world of special cleaners. So in order to give "mould" a positive communicative connotation, we shift the scenery from the private household to communal spaces that feel like a second home. The socially-affine core target group is active in sports clubs. A place where the changing room is the linchpin and mould is a threat. The campaign #gemeinsamwirken activates team spirit by making mould removal a joint task, while at the same time promising maximum product impact and effective problem solving.


The campaign #gemeinsamwirken​


With the "Mould Free Challenge", MELLERUD positively addressed the taboo topic and brought it to the attention of new target groups. Under the campaign motto #gemeinsamwirken, MELLERUD positioned itself as a problem solver. With exciting campaign dynamics, real storytelling and dialogue measures, impressive viral effects were achieved:

Participating clubs
> 1 M.
Website hits
26 M.
DPOK nominated in the category "Best Corporate Campaign" | Online


Mould Free Challenge – The Winners


Concept; Strategy; Social media postings; Film production; Photo shoot; Landing page




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