HITCHCOCK who? Everyone knows the iconic green bottles for cooking, seasoning and mixing, but only a few know that the HITCHCOCK brand is behind the products. So the goal is to associate the little green bottles that everyone knows with the HITCHCOCK brand and to anchor them in the minds of consumers. How do we achieve this? Through co-created sound branding within an interactive social media campaign that contributes to brand recognition. 


... and what does that mean? HITCHCOCK is looking for its own sound via a Germany-wide digital campaign. Under the campaign motto "DREH__AUF", the HITCHCOCK brand and the community become the hero. The community is asked to record their use of the seasoning juices and their experiences of enjoying them on video and upload them to a landing page. From twisting open the bottle to pouring it into a cocktail shaker to sizzling and fizzing in the pan - all of this can become part of the sound branding.
The incentive for participation is weekly prizes from well-known cooperation partners, as well as the opportunity to become part of the HITCHCOCK remix: Because in the end, a final sound branding is created from all uploads that makes the different uses and moments of enjoyment audible and shows the creation process as well as the submissions of the community in the accompanying video.
The campaign aims to create real added value for the target group and at the same time build an emotional connection to the Hero product, so that the brand will differentiate itself even more clearly from the competition in the future.

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After only 6 weeks, we reached over 1.69 million accounts, 4.47 million impressions and over 180 thousand interactions with the campaign. 



Social media; campaign planning and implementation; community management; newsletter 




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