Defending your market share against the top dogs of the industry? During times where new craft-beer brands are ten a penny? Not an easy task.

The traditional brewery SCHWIND Bräu from Aschaffenburg had to reinvent themselves. Their goal was to build customer loyalty among young beer lovers, with a fresh and bold approach.


The product is unbeatable. But the old brand SCHWIND needed new life breathed into it. husare decided to connect the old with the new. The taste of home was the guided principle of the new brand identity.

Especially young target groups, who travel a lot, often miss the feeling of connectedness to their native region. With slogans like: “Home is change. Build on tradition.” SCHWIND underlines their heritage and strengthens their authenticity.

The fully new brand design, which still resembles the tradition of the family business, was taken to social media. The interactive hashtag #meinschluckheimat is a call to action for the customers to share their experiences with the product. The hashtags help to increase the recognitional value of the product and campaign. It tells people: This brewery is meant to last. It is more than just one brewery of many.


A new (old) brand image with social content for Instagram and Facebook. A complete relaunch of the brand- and product design. Fresh slogans and a new brand presence, which approaches the younger target groups, but relies on traditional values. The concept was well received. SCHWIND was able to maintain and extend their position in the region – despite, or maybe because of, their 250-year-old existence. 



Brand Communication; Brand Relaunch; Sales Communication; Content Marketing; Social Media



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