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The brand Münsterland


Many people underestimate the quality of their direct living environment. They yearn for the faraway and the unknown. Building a strong bond with one’s own region requires a special perspective. The brand Münsterland e.V. wants exactly that - but also much more. Namely, to be truly attractive for new residents, visitors and investors. husare has strong regional roots on the spot. And has used these for the Münsterland region.
Fields and forests, rivers and lakes, villages and cities. The Münsterland region is incredibly multifaceted. What would be more natural than to transform these many facets into a real Lovebrand.

With the message "The good life" or "Das Gute Leben" and an unmistakable corporate design, the Münsterland brand, following its relaunch by husare, shows the unmistakable quality of life in the Münsterland. As specialists from all sectors are being recruited throughout Germany, this aspect also played a role - and the campaign is cooperating closely with companies from the region.

With unique stories and captivating images, we show: DAS GUTE LEBEN is a colourful life. And arouse curiosity to explore the Münsterland further.

Especially meaningful: the image film produced by husare with its partner MS4L - which in around one and a half minutes expresses everything that makes the region worth living in - from the vibrant university town to the morning ride on horseback.


image film


With its concept, design and messages, husare has convinced everyone involved in Münster and the surrounding areas. An important success, because they finance Münsterland e.V. Now the new Lovebrand is being filled with life. Actions follow, the brand is recognised throughout Germany.


brand communication; brand relaunch; corporate design; storytelling; content marketing, image film



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