Nolte Küchen

Kitchen – the place to be


The kitchen is the heart of every home. Equipping the most important room in the house – that is what Nolte Küchen does. And this is the aspiration they express in their complete brand communication. Particularly important: Printed catalogues for the customers, that are visually and haptically enjoyable. 


Digital era or not – Print remains an essential instrument for the kitchen industry. Especially high-class companies like to use them, since they give the customer the opportunity to revisit the product options at home.

With a modern layout, good lighting and extraordinary perspectives husare presented the clever kitchensystems from their best side. The result was a high-quality print magazine, which convincingly conveys Nolte Küchen’s exceptional craftsmanship and quality. This is how a simple catalogue can be the flagship for innovative ideas and traditions, with lots of inspiration for potential buyers.

Nolte Küchen is a traditional company. So it is not surprising that a timeless catalogue with a clear design committed to the corporate identity and appealing photos is the goal-oriented format.
Over the course of many years husare and Nolte Küchen became trusted partners in business. The traditional company from eastern westphalia uses their catalogues purposefully and expediently. It is no coincidence that they have been voted the most popular kitchen brand in Germany for 3 years in a row. Almost 900 kitchens are manufactured by them every day.


Sales Communication, Editorial Conception & Design, Packaging Design




Our consultant Christoph Sauerland is always willing to give you an overview of our competencies reaching from sales communication, over catalogue design to brand management.

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