If there's one thing consumers care about these days, it's transparency. What is behind the product and is everything that glitters really gold? Valensina wanted to meet the needs of consumers. But how do you communicate this on social media?

The strategy

After Valensina's pitch, one of the social media goals was to communicate the naturalness of the juices in the "Cool Collection" in order to strengthen consumer confidence and create awareness. In addition to strengthening the image, it was important to breathe life into the look and feel of the social media profiles under the claim "gift yourself sun".


House of Sun

In addition to the new online presence, husare pursued the overarching goal of realising the "House of Sun" influencer campaign.The highlight of the social media campaign is the special experiences in the Spanish finca, for which we invite a selected number of influencers and followers to experience the originality and naturalness of oranges with us.

During local cooking or yoga sessions on the orange plantation, we virtually take the online community with us on this journey of experience. The creative, mental, enjoyable and sporting activities also offer enormous storytelling potential to give other brands such as Samsonite, Paradiesbetten, Dermasence, Sixt, Kahla Porzellan, Essenza Home and Plantagen Express a stage and realise a meaningful cooperation.



Social media strategy, campaign planning, content creation, influencer relations, community management


Success figures

14.5 million impressions
12,700,000 video plays via paid social
38.8% follower growth on Instagram
52,000 interactions
5.9 million reel reach
Approx. 6000 competition entries



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