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Milk prices, animal farming, the conflict about nitrate: Many media do not hold back on an entire industry. Even though, there are far more good apples than bad ones in agriculture. And they finally get an outlet with the campaign “Landwirtschaft – MAG DOCH JEDER”, that reaches consumers, society and politics.

Enough with the one-sided views and bad press. Let us shine a light on the positive aspects of farming. On quality, heritage and the work of our regional farmers. That was our main task.

The other one was to convince farmers to take part in the campaign and support it financially and with other means.


Farming knows no compromise. No matter if you are vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian or a meat-lover – every day there will be farmed groceries on your table. And that is the core of our strategy. Because: “Landwirtschaft – MAG DOCH JEDER”.

We cater to the consumers needs. They want to know where their food is from. That is why impactful pictures, emotional and authentic stories and intuitive info charts are the key pillars of our campaign.

MAG DOCH JEDER offers a look behind the scenes and shows the daily lives of the farmers: On the field, in the stables, between fruit trees and in greenhouses. Traditional and novel knowledge combined with modern technology and exceptional passion for their work.

Farmers have the opportunity to give cross-media insights on their animals, fields, shops and farms. Creative social media storytelling combined with info charts on Instagram give an educational and interesting view on the faces behind the industry. Billboards and signs next to the fields and acres give information on the plants that are grown and the people, who harvests them.
Because the campaign consists of the cooperation and the support of farmers, it offers a good platform for communication. husare imports the perspective from the outside and asks questions that the consumers ask, too. Together with the farmers, we answer back – clearly, honestly and at eye level.

The campaign relies on topnotch content marketing. And the more farmers support the campaign, the more traction it gets.


Visiting the young farmer Katharina Leyschulte


MAG DOCH JEDER reached more than 25 million social media impressions in a short period of time. Many farmers followed up the idea and support the further development of the project. More than half a million people have either seen the content on their timelines or liked or shared it. The campaign had a way above average interaction rate of 8% on social media. A message turned into a dialogue. But our mission continues – online and offline.



Brand Communication; Social Media, Content Marketing; PR


I appreciate the husare team
as very dedicated,
creative and reliable.

Hans-Heinrich Berghorn





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