“Once upon a time…”


Hamburg is one of the German metropolitan areas with the most museums and exhibitions. This is where the new, interactive experience exhibition MÄRCHENWELTEN (Fairytale Worlds) was to take root and attract streams of visitors. No easy undertaking in this environment. The new brand had to set itself apart from other exhibitions and become something unique.  


Fairy tales have always touched people. After all, they transport feelings, awaken dreams and convey the values of our society. With the slogan "Once upon a time...", husare and its Hamburg branch h/BEAT conveyed this special meaning to the MÄRCHENWELTEN in Hamburg. Contemporary and suited to today's target groups.

Values are also at the heart of the brand image. And they are the central theme that runs through all channels and formats. For example through testimonials. husare had credible personalities, like the co-founder of the water brand Viva con Agua, make an appearance. They reported on what they associate with central values such as authenticity, credibility, love or loyalty.
husare therefore brought the campaign to life primarily via social media. In addition, there were extracts from fairy tales, which were perfectly suited for small events such as mini raffles. For example, the question of what Hans in Luck would exchange for his cow (who knows this?).

Even the hurdle that the exhibition opened several months later than planned was overcome, thanks to a proactive PR and social media strategy. Through good contacts and clever previews, did all the important regional media outlets in the Hanseatic city such as the "Hamburger Abendblatt", the "Mopo" and NDR report on the exhibition. But the national media also made room for the MÄRCHENWELTEN, such as dpa and "Die Welt" and "ZEIT online".


True fairy tales — Kathrin Wittich and Jannes Vahl


The facts speak for themselves: millions of people have been reached by the expended media coverage. The Facebook page of MÄRCHENWELTEN counted a five-digit number of likes within a short time, and a loyal community was formed on Instagram. And the most important thing: more than 30,000 visitors came to see the innovative exhibition in the first quarter after the opening.




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