Trucks, muscles and fried eggs:

DAF Bockstark – the Trucker Workout


How can we give back to the users of DAF trucks German products and those who are still betting on the wrong horses? A good question asked by DAF themselves. Our answer: By making their jobs easier.

Even small actions like exercises and tips for a better diet can prevent typical truck driver symptoms, like fatigue, obesity and back pain. “DAF Bockstark – das Trucker Workout” is a campaign developed with the truckers on board. It involves the truck itself as an exercising tool.


Fitness might not be the first thing that comes to mind, when someone mentions truck driving. But husare made exact that connection. This is how we developed the trucker workout, which includes video tutorials, as well as health and diet tips.

A professional personal coach and diet assistant developed a program containing 20 short exercises and whole-body workouts for the truck stop. The message: “You don’t just drive a powerful machine, you become one!”

Answers to questions like “which food is ideal for taking on longer trips?” or “which dishes are healthiest in typical truck stop restaurants?” were part of the program as well. This is how we offered a care-free package consisting of exercises and information about health and nutrition, giving back to our unique target group.


By utilizing target-group-specific content marketing, husare managed to create a campaign tailored to the needs of DAFs customers. More than 30.000 webpage impressions, 120.000 video clicks and tremendous participation at our live event – the Truck-Grand-Prix, underline the success of our work. The campaign was awarded with the German award for online communication (DPOK).


DAF Bockstark - the Trucker Workout


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