BIC® Intensity

It starts with a line


A new target group is a challenge for every brand. Even more so if the much-evoked generations Y and Z are also to be reached. Here it is not only about product features. It is also about their lifestyle and living environment.

The mission: The BIC® brand has launched BIC® Intensity, a new pen series whose fineliners, gel rollers and markers are intended to become firmly established with young customers. Key adjectives: reliable, high-quality and innovative.


When art is created with pens, the beginning is always a line. This is what husare tells together with hobby artists, creatives and young designers. The approach presents the stories behind great works of art and groundbreaking design concepts. Because no matter how big or small, they all have one thing in common in their creation: It starts with a line.

This concept runs through all formats and channels of the cross-media campaign. In doing so, husare focuses on creative processes and people - instead of focusing too much on technical details. The testimonials are themselves part of the target group. Thus, the content is created by the target group for the target group. From the first stroke on a blank page to the complete artwork, product, design or tattoo.

The protagonists give the campaign a face. This concept ranges from different advertising formats to a specially built Amazon store in the look & feel of the BIC®-Intensity product family. Here the products are always shown in action and seen as authentic and close to the target group.
Through cross-media communication, husare ensures that the digitally native target group is successfully brought into contact with the new products. From social content and ads on Instagram and Facebook, the creation of an Amazon shop as well as Amazon ads to packaging design, POS measures and sales folders.


BIC® Intensity: Graffiti-artist Bennet Grüttner


Concept; Strategic Communication; Sales Communication; Social Media; E-Commerce; POS



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