Herbs on the center stage


The herb shelves in the supermarket: dominant, classic brands and dominantly classic packaging designs. How can we achieve a repositioning of an established brand in this environment? Extensive market research and target group analyses help. This was also the case for GOUTESS.
An attractive design goes along with an authentic message. The extensive analysis including a brand workshop lead to the following core message for GOUTESS: “The essence of nature!” A slogan that reflects the longing of many people to live a healthy life and consume natural and organic products. The slogan unites nature, time, health and conscious enjoyment.

That is why husare decided to choose a design that highlights the product and its qualities. A fresh and nature-bound design was created and applied to packaging and photo shootings. husare established a whole new look for GOUTESS.

The label design is based on the confidence that a minimalistic approach, which puts the herbs in the center of attention, resonates the most with our customers. Core message: It is not complicated to cater the need for organic and natural ingredients on the herb shelves.

Besides the new and unique look of the products, husare also reimagined multiple aspects of their marketing in the supermarket – from attractive shelf designs to specialized sales folders for the GOUTESS sales and distribution team.


The result was a fresh brand presence, especially due to the new unique label design. husare counts on the strength and power of fresh herbs, for a target group that loves nature and its products. 



Brand Communication; Sales Communication; Packaging Design




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