„Markets are conversations. Markets consist of people“.

And this is how the Cluetrain manifest begins. To win markets and customers over, we use communication as our tool. With you and for you. Internal to external. For different target audiences. On different channels. Implicit and explicit, with words, images & strategies.

Brand communication

Times change. So do relationships. In the past, the relationship to a product could be seen through mommy’s dresser or daddy’s garage. But today people openly show their preference for certain products, brands and services. They recommend and consume through word of mouth. Companies have to act and think in a market oriented manner. Future markets will depend on the relationships among people and companies‘ relations to the people and markets. We need a new way of communicating since the old patterns won’t work any longer. So we strategically refocus brands in the fight for attention. We think as people. And as the brand. And we provide answers to the new challenges of successful brand leadership.

Internal communication

The scarcity of skilled labor in Germany is ever increasing. Employees must be kept and new staff members have to be sought out. ‚Employer branding‘ will soon become the number one priority for those responsible for HR. Thus, internal communication has to be realigned; the staff newsletter in pdf or the blackboard next to the punch clock are no longer appropriate. Internal communication has to motivate employees, tighten work flows and thereby increase labor efficiency. It has to openly show a company’s objectives and outline ways and opportunities to reach these goals. It advises senior management in the dialogue with colleagues. It is a reliable source of information and is deems worthy of being handled with responsibility and care. Internal communication decisively designs the company culture and is the red thread in all activities. It justifies decisions, is transparent and allows for company successes on the inside. Strategy is exactly the right way here.

Sales communication

An increase in sales and profit is the final goal of all entrepreneurial activities. And in this sense, no one is as close to the customer as the sales department. Conditions for the sales department, together with the marketing, therefore have to be designed in the most profit generating way. This spectrum includes the packaging, POS-measures or advert design as well as adequate training for the sales team. And the red thread of the brand core and promise should weave through all of these. We got it.

Social Media

Who is king in the internet? Content? Conversation? Context? You read a lot about the Messiahs of communication. On thing is certain: Without content there is no conversation and without conversation there is no context. The link between your website and the desired scope of of the messages is Social Media. The networks connect people and brands and offer brands and consumers the possibility of a dialogue at eye level. Are the things you offer or is your brand a topic that people talk about a lot? Can your information influence the discussion in a positive way? Have the things you offer a real additional benefit and is it easy to communicate? Can you win customers or increase customer loyalty by talking to them via Social Media (Marketing, CRM)? Can you relieve other departments through Social-Media-activities (Service)? Is your competitor already active and positions himself as the market and opinion leader? If your answer to one of the questions is „Yes“ we offer you a non-binding counselling interview.