Your success is our gain

A strong brand lives from the inside out and only those that are internally strong can be strong external players. This is why husare stands for the connection of target oriented communication at  all levels. For highly motivated employees. For a unique brand. For measurable success.

How we work.

We think strategically.

Successful marketing is hard work. Touch points are multilayered and require a concrete marketing strategy. Our measures are therefore more than just colorful pictures.

We conquer unknown territory

We can find an individual solution for every client, for every need and for every goal. A new solution for each time.

We fight the same battles.

Competition for highly-skilled workers, cutthroat competition, creating a public image. These are challenges that can only be solved as a team. We want to develop tailor-made solutions with you and build on mutual trust in know-how and working methods.

We’ll give you full transparency.

We don’t use ‚fine print‘. We will make you a clear offer and deliver your project in a punctual manner to the previously agreed terms.

We invest in you.

We don’t have any secret recipes. We’ll simply share our know-how with you. Just for that reason have we introduced the husare academy with many interactive workshops.


We can serve all of these areas but rarely at once. Our aim for high quality work will equal our client’s demands for their work.