Our Partners

We can do a lot but we certainly can’t do everything. That is why we work with selected partners and are members of diverse networks.

brandhelfer – online brand managment

Websites, e-mail and social media marketing, CMS programming, apps, lead generation and AdWords optimization – the agency brandhelfer translates marketing strategies for the online world.

brandhelfer Marketing & Kommunikation GmbH

Punktmacher – specialized marketing communication for construction and housing

Building materials, doors, energy data management, electrical engineering, building systems, pan tiles,  tools, sanitary, heat and climate services – Punktmacher specializes in sustainable marketing communication in the fields of construction, architecture, craftsmanship and living.

Punktmacher GmbH

vertriebskick‘ – Promotional gifts for targeted sales incentives

Promotional items, individualized textiles, large or small quantities of custom-made items and many other products: starting with the idea and the selection and finishing with the design and distribution, the agency vertriebskick‘ is fully dedicated to promotional gifts.

vertriebskick´ gmbh

GWA General Association of Communication Agencies

The GWA advocates for agencies in the private sector, politics and the public. It exemplifies the functions of business communications, advertising and agencies in the market economy, both at the national and international levels. Its members are some of the best communication agencies in their field. GWA therefore serves both a brand and a label for quality in itself.


CommWorld – the international agency network in 16 countries

When it comes to our clients, no way is too far for us. We therefore often consult our European partners in the agency network CommWorld when conceptualizing an internal campaign. An independent, Europe focused network of 16 owner-managed agencies in 16 countries – CommWorld allows for intercultural communication at international standards with a country specific twist.