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husare Emsdetten

  • Nadine Heitkönig
    Nadine HeitkönigAccount management
  • Thekla Jakobi
    Thekla JakobiCreative director
  • Mark Bourichter
    Mark BourichterHead of PR & Social Media
  • Hildegard Roter
    Hildegard RoterArt director
  • Stefanie Banse
    Stefanie BanseJunior art director
  • Martin Kleinberns
    Martin KleinbernsTrainee Social Media & PR
  • Anna van Dam
    Anna van DamJunior Account Manager
  • Nina Roth
    Nina RothJunior Account Manager
  • Pablo Gonzalez
    Pablo GonzalezJunior Art Director
  • Badir Al-Sayyed
    Badir Al-SayyedTrainee Creation
  • Lea Schwarte
    Lea SchwarteLayouter
  • Gaby Limbach
    Gaby LimbachAccount director
  • Dustin Wolters
    Dustin WoltersJunior account manager
  • Sarah Sporkmann
    Sarah SporkmannLayouter
  • Sven Lehmkuhl
    Sven LehmkuhlTrainee Creation
  • Jessica Spiller
    Jessica SpillerJunior Art Director
  • Maximilian Lohmann
    Maximilian LohmannWorking student & PR
  • Christoph Sauerland
    Christoph SauerlandAccount director
  • Philip Mennebröcker
    Philip MennebröckerJunior Consultant PR & Social Media
  • Anna-Christin Köthur
    Anna-Christin KöthurTrainee Creation
  • Anja Hotfilter
    Anja HotfilterAccount management
  • Janina Kaiser
    Janina KaiserArt director
  • Thomas Hans
    Thomas HansCEO
  • Kristina Unger
    Kristina UngerTrainee Account
  • Sebastian Kocks
    Sebastian KocksTrainee Account
  • Johannes Erdmann
    Johannes ErdmannTrainee Account
  • Karen Telieps
    Karen TeliepsJunior PR Consultant
  • Marell Böwing
    Marell BöwingAccount management
  • Andrea Schlüter
    Andrea SchlüterAccount director
  • Laura Grevenbrock
    Laura GrevenbrockTrainee Text & PR

Team facts

20 women / 12 men
5 of 32 employees cycle to the agency
11 of 32 employees are working more than 10 years at husare
7 von 32 employees are working more than 15 years at husare

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Creative department