Visionary, innovative, responsible – emco wins the 6th Marketing Award Münster/Osnabrück with the „emco electric scooter“

Visionary, innovative, responsible – emco wins the 6th Marketing Award Münster/Osnabrück with the „emco electric scooter“

To the future by e-scooter! Thomas Hans, president of the Marketing-Club Münster/Osnabrück, introduced the winning company as an „outstanding example for real innovation management“: On 12th January the emco Group Lingen was awarded with the 6th Marketing Award Münster/Osnabrück for the successful conception and conversion of their start-up emco Elektroroller.

Viewed by around 400 guests from economy and politics Christian Gnaß, Executive Director of the emco Group, and emco Marketing Director Kay-Uwe von Hebel received the award during the Marketing-Club’s festive New Year’s gala. „We are very proud of this award that honours the entrepreneurial decision, the sales action, and the communicative conversion and helps to make electric mobility for everyday use visible in public“, Kay-Uwe von Hebel said happily.

With the award the Club values outstanding national and international marketing performances of companies from the Münsterland, Osnabrücker Land and the southern Emsland. In autumn 2014 around 30 companies had applied for the Marketing Award Münster/Osnabrück. Through the decision by the jury of marketing and communication experts emco joined the former award winners. In the past years the Unternehmensgruppe Haverkamp, Schönox, LR Health & Beauty Systems, Winkhaus and EMSA were awarded.

emco Elektroroller, a subsidiary company of the emco Group located in Lingen, Lower Saxony, has become the biggest manufacturer and provider of electric scooters and charging stations in Germany since its foundation in 2010. It is the young company’s goal to advance the topic electric mobility in Germany. Until today emco Elektroroller could convince 350 retailers in Germany and bordering countries to become sales partners. With the own produced charging stations and the B2B-concept Work & Charge emco created a unique overall system for customer loyalty. „emco has managed to establish and develop the adding value in the fields of Production, Marketing and After-Sales and to intensify the customer loyalty. The inducement to buy was additionally raised by convincing independent charging concepts for e-scooter batteries“, jury-spokesman Albert Hirsch said.

The brand „emco e-scooter“ was built up value based by an overall communication concept that included Online-Marketing, a separate website with an online-shop for retailers and the integration of Social Media and also ecologically and economically worthwile for retailers and customers. Additionally eye-catching events and the successful access to international motor sports with a Racing-e-Scooter could increase the brand awareness.

We congratulate the emco Group for winning this year’s Marketing Award and for having the courage to break new ground!

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    Congrats to emco Elektroroller! Continue producing great e-scooters!

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